Music City Camaro Club

7175 Nolen Park Circle   |   Nolensville, TN 37135

Club Bylaws Ratified 9-1-2017


Sec­tion 1: Club Name. The name of the orga­ni­za­tion shall be the Music City Camaro Club aka MCCC.

Sec­tion 2: Pur­pose. The purpose of this club is to establish fellowship among members, provide information, technical assistance and share the interest of the Chevrolet Camaro/Pontiac Firebird. Our main goal is to preserve, restore and maintain the Camaro/Firebird and its history. This includes Camaros/Firebirds of all styles: stock, restored, original or modified.

Sec­tion 3: Upon dis­so­lu­tion of the orga­ni­za­tion, all remain­ing assets must be used exclu­sively for exempt pur­poses, such as char­i­ta­ble, reli­gious, edu­ca­tional, and/or sci­en­tific pur­poses, such as local vet­eran non-profit organizations.


Sec­tion 1: Full mem­ber­ship in this orga­ni­za­tion shall be open to any indi­vid­ual who own the Chevro­let Camaro/Pontiac Firebird. Associate membership may be granted to members who were previously full members in good standing who have sold their cars and wish to remain affiliated with the club. Associate membership may also be granted to individuals who do not own Camaros or Firebirds but wish to join the club as a Camaro/Firebird enthusiast. Associate members will not have voting power but will granted access to all club events and to club membership boards and websites.

Sec­tion 2: Mem­ber­ship is accepted when (1) Mem­ber­ship Appli­ca­tion is sub­mit­ted; (2) Mem­ber­ship dues are paid in full and (3) indi­vid­ual pos­sesses a valid driver’s license, and motor vehi­cle insur­ance as required by their respec­tive state and (4) the by-laws sign off sheet has been returned. When the afore­men­tioned are accom­plished, an indi­vid­ual is con­sid­ered as an “Active/Voting” member. (1) Vote / paid full membership.

Sec­tion 3: Mem­bers are expected to con­duct them­selves in a man­ner favor­able to the orga­ni­za­tion and its pur­pose, espe­cially when vis­i­bly express­ing their membership.

Sec­tion 4: Any mem­ber may be sus­pended or removed from the orga­ni­za­tion at the dis­cre­tion of the board of offi­cers by a major­ity vote based on con­duct that dis­rupts the good order of Club activities.

Sec­tion 5: A mem­ber­ship is permitted one vote per paid full membership.

Sec­tion 6: All new mem­bers will be pro­vided a copy of the Music City Camaro Club By-Laws and will be required to sign a receipt stat­ing they have received, read and agree to the by-laws of the Club. The receipt will be main­tained by the Secretary.

Section 7: Membership in this Club is non-transferable.


Sec­tion 1: Mem­ber­ship annual dues shall be payable for each calendar year. The cost of an annual membership shall be set by the leadership each year to account for the proposed membership package.  Associate membership dues shall be $10.00 per year. Dues will be renewed on January 1.

Sec­tion 2: In order to nom­i­nate, or be nom­i­nated for an offi­cer posi­tion, and vote dur­ing our elec­tion, each mem­ber must be a mem­ber in good stand­ing with dues paid in full for the 6 calendar months prior to taking office.


Sec­tion 1: Officer’s Meet­ings. We will hold officer’s meetings for all officers and regional coordinators on a quarterly or as-needed basis. Attendance of all relevant parties is expected at each meeting. Officers are expected to attend meetings which shall be held monthly.

Sec­tion 2: Quarterly Meetings. Quarterly meetings shall be held each quarter of each calendar year. Location, exact date and time TBD.

Sec­tion 3: Spe­cial Meet­ings. Spe­cial meet­ings may be called by the Offi­cers or a Regional Coordinator when deemed nec­es­sary to con­duct the busi­ness of this organization.

Sec­tion 4: Notice. Notice of change in meet­ing loca­tion or spe­cial meet­ing shall be given to each “Active/Voting” mem­ber, by email, or by Camaro5 & Facebook, as soon as possible.


The monthly meet­ings will use the MCCC Rules of Order to main­tain a proper meet­ing envi­ron­ment (copies of the rules will be made available).

  1. Call to order.
  2. Roll call of mem­bers present.
  3. Read­ing of min­utes of last meeting.
  4. Offi­cers’ reports.
  5. Com­mit­tee reports.
  6. Spe­cial orders — impor­tant busi­ness pre­vi­ously des­ig­nated for con­sid­er­a­tion at this meeting.
  7. Unfin­ished business.
  8. New busi­ness.
  9. Announce­ments.
  10. Adjourn­ment.


 Sec­tion 1: The ini­tial Offi­cers of the Club shall be as follows:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Treasurer
  • Sergeant at Arms
  • Secretary/Membership Coordinator
  • Public Relations Officer
  • Regional Coordinators as allocated by Officers

Sec­tion 2: Elec­tion of Offi­cers. Elec­tion of new offi­cers will occur as the last item of busi­ness at the October meet­ing of the Club. To be eligible, a member must be nominated by someone outside of their household. Such nomination shall be provided via email only to the club secretary 30 days prior to the October quarterly meeting. Nom­i­na­tions will be emailed to the club membership and said nominees shall be voted on during the October quarterly meeting. Dur­ing the October meet­ing, the elec­tion of Offi­cers shall be by a sim­ple major­ity of the “Active/Voting” mem­bers of the Club. In the event of a tie, officers will determine how to break the tie. Absentee ballots may be accepted at the discretion of the sitting officer group as a whole in a process to be determined by the officers. Bal­lots shall be provided.

Dur­ing the Elec­tion of Offi­cers, any nom­i­nated mem­ber in good stand­ings may run for one posi­tion of Office. If any mem­ber is nom­i­nated for more than one (1) Office posi­tion, the nom­i­nated mem­ber must make a choice for the Office to run. A member will have a one-week period following the end of the nomination window to either accept or decline their nomination. If no response is received by the end of that week, the nomination will be presumed to have been refused.

Existing officers do not have to be nominated again to be re-elected for their current position.

Sec­tion 3: Terms. Offi­cers shall serve a term of 1 year and may be re-elected for con­sec­u­tive terms. The year begins October 1st and end September 30th.

Sec­tion 4: Respon­si­bil­ity. It is the respon­si­bil­ity of the Offi­cers to con­duct all the busi­ness of the orga­ni­za­tion in a proper manner.

Sec­tion 5: Res­ig­na­tion, Ter­mi­na­tion. Res­ig­na­tion by an Offi­cer must be in writ­ing and received by the Sec­re­tary. An Offi­cer may be removed from office by a vote of a quo­rum (see VOTING for def­i­n­i­tion) of the “Active/Voting” members who cast a ballot.

Sec­tion 6: Vacan­cies. When a vacancy of an Offi­cer exists, nom­i­na­tions for new Offi­cer may be received from the “Active/Voting” mem­bers in atten­dance at the fol­low­ing monthly meet­ing. These nom­i­na­tions will be sent out in the monthly newslet­ter to all “Active/Voting” mem­bers and will be voted upon at the next monthly meet­ing. The vacancy will be filled only to the end of the vacated Officer’s term.

Sec­tion 7: Con­flicts of Inter­est.  When­ever a direc­tor or offi­cer has a finan­cial or per­sonal inter­est in any mat­ter com­ing before the board of direc­tors, the affected per­son shall a) fully dis­close the nature of the inter­est and b) with­draw from dis­cus­sion, lob­by­ing, and vot­ing on the mat­ter. Any trans­ac­tion or vote involv­ing a poten­tial con­flict of inter­est shall be approved only when a major­ity of dis­in­ter­ested direc­tors deter­mine that it is in the best inter­est of the cor­po­ra­tion to do so. The min­utes of meet­ings at which such votes are taken shall record such dis­clo­sure, absten­tion and ratio­nale for approval.

Sec­tion 8: PRESIDENT. Shall be the spokesper­son of the orga­ni­za­tion and ensures that the Club oper­ates within the bylaws estab­lished by the mem­ber­ship. The Pres­i­dent will con­duct the monthly meet­ings, appoint com­mit­tees, and call spe­cial meet­ings as required. President shall be responsible for securing club sponsorships and representing the club at official events and functions. The Pres­i­dent will actively work with the Trea­surer on estab­lish­ing oper­at­ing bud­gets for Club func­tions and act as a co-signer for Club checks.

Sec­tion 9: VICE PRESIDENT. Shall assume the respon­si­bil­i­ties of the Pres­i­dent in her or his absence. The Vice Pres­i­dent will also actively work with the Trea­surer on estab­lish­ing oper­at­ing bud­gets for Club func­tions and act as a co-signer for Club checks.

Sec­tion 10: SECRETARY/Membership Coordinator. Shall record the min­utes of Club meet­ings and keep his­tor­i­cal records, pro­vide notice of all reg­u­lar and spe­cial meet­ings, han­dle Club cor­re­spon­dence, and keep cus­tody of all records of the Club. The secretary shall be responsible for handling any responsibilities associated with new member enrollment.

Sec­tion 11: TREASURER. Shall have care and cus­tody of all monies belong­ing to the orga­ni­za­tion, will be respon­si­ble for devel­op­ing and review­ing fis­cal pro­ce­dures along with pre­sent­ing monthly and annual sta­tus of finances to the mem­ber­ship. The Trea­surer is des­ig­nated as the only required sig­na­ture for check writ­ing. The Trea­surer will be the cus­to­dian of all finan­cial records.

Sec­tion 12: SERGEANT at ARMS. The Sergeant at Arms will act as liai­son for the Club with facil­ity secu­rity when pro­vided at Club spon­sored and non-Club spon­sored shows, cruises and events for mem­bers. The posi­tion will also coor­di­nate all club travel, cruises and travel accommodations.

Section 13: PUBLIC RELATIONS OFFICER. Shall be responsible for managing social media for the club including Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. This position shall be responsible for proper placement of all banners, yard signs and other advertising for the club. This position will work with the President and Vice President to help secure sponsorships both for the club, and also for our car show and other club functions/events.


Sec­tion 1: All mem­bers will con­duct them­selves at all meet­ings, shows, events, cruises, etc. in a fash­ion befit­ting good taste and etiquette.

Sec­tion 2: All mem­bers will be respon­si­ble for the con­duct of their guests attend­ing func­tions and activities.

Sec­tion 3: All mem­bers are encour­aged to par­tic­i­pate in shows, cruises, and other events, and to present the finest image pos­si­ble of The Club.

Sec­tion 4: Use of the Club name, logo, or other Club mate­r­ial for pri­vate use or gain is pro­hib­ited. Any such use must be approved by the Officers through a majority vote. Any unauthorized use of the club logo may result in expulsion from the club and possible legal repercussions may ensue.

Sec­tion 5: All Club logos, mate­ri­als, or other prod­ucts devel­oped over the course of time by any indi­vid­ual per­ti­nent to the busi­ness or func­tion of the Club are to be the prop­erty of the Music City Camaro Club.

Section 6: When the Club, as a group, is caravanning on an Interstate Highway or State Highway, the group shall not exceed the posted speed limit, will stay in the “slow lane” except when passing other slower vehicles, will drive in a manner so as not to obstruct other vehicles, and will show courtesy to other drivers.

Section 7: When the Club, as a group, is caravanning in town, the group shall travel in a single file, maintain a safe distance between vehicles, and observe all posted speed limits.

Section 8: Members or members who have guests who fail to abide by the code of conduct can be penalized up to and including expulsion from Music City Camaro Club.


Sec­tion 1: Rights. Mem­bers must be present at the meet­ing at which items are pre­sented to the mem­bers for a vote.

Sec­tion 2: At all meet­ings, except for the elec­tion of offi­cers, vot­ing shall be by voice or a show of hands. For the elec­tion of Offi­cers, vot­ing shall be by bal­lot and counted by no less than two non can­di­date members.

Sec­tion 3: Quo­rum. A quo­rum is con­sid­ered to be at least 20 mem­bers of the “Active/Voting” mem­bers in atten­dance at the meet­ing in which items are pre­sented to the mem­bers for a vote. Accep­tance by a quo­rum must take place before busi­ness can be trans­acted or motions made or passed. For officer votes a quorum must consist of a vote from each sitting officer either in person, or via documented email.

Sec­tion 4: All major deci­sions that will have impact on items such as finances or event dates shall be pre­sented dur­ing a monthly meet­ing to the mem­ber­ship but vot­ing on said item(s) will be reserved for the fol­low­ing monthly meeting.

Section 5: Each mem­ber­ship is allowed a max­i­mum of one (1) “Active/Voting” mem­bers; equat­ing to one (1) votes.

Sec­tion 6: To be eli­gi­ble to vote, mem­bers must be in good stand­ings with dues paid current.


Sec­tion 1: The Club may cre­ate com­mit­tees as needed, such as Fundrais­ing, Annual Car Show, Pub­lic Rela­tions, etc

Sec­tion 2: Each com­mit­tee will appoint a Chair. The Chair will act as the focal point for report­ing sta­tus of the Com­mit­tee, point-of-contact for infor­ma­tion or questions.

Sec­tion 3: Com­mit­tees are to research their assigned tasks and mark rec­om­men­da­tions to the mem­ber­ship for voting.


Sec­tion 1: A major­ity of the prof­its from fund rais­ers, Annual Car Show, etc. will be pro­vided to a des­ig­nated char­i­ta­ble beneficiary.

Sec­tion 2: Monies earned through the-50/50 Raf­fle will be used toward Club events (i.e., Hol­i­day Party)

Sec­tion 3: No Offi­cer shall for rea­son of his office be enti­tled to receive any salary or compensation.

Sec­tion 4: All col­lected funds are to be ver­i­fied by an offi­cer for deposit at the time of monies received when­ever pos­si­ble (i.e., Club meet­ings and Club spon­sored events).

Sec­tion 5: Two signatures are required for check issu­ing (see Trea­sures duties).

Sec­tion 6: Records of finances will be main­tained for 7 years for audit­ing pur­poses (see Trea­sures duties).  The Trea­surer is respon­si­ble for fil­ing all tax ren­di­tions after review by the President.

Sec­tion 7: Three mem­bers will review the finan­cial sta­tus of records at the begin­ning of each fis­cal year (January).

Sec­tion 8: An orig­i­nal receipt is required for any re-imbursements to Club members.

Section 9: A financial brief shall be provided at each meeting to include beginning balance, ending balance, and a list of expenditures for the month.


Pro­posed amend­ments will be sent out with the monthly newslet­ter (via e-mail, web site, or U.S. Postal Ser­vice). These Bylaws may be amended by a major­ity vote of the quo­rum of the “Active/Voting” mem­bers in atten­dance at the next sched­uled meet­ing or “Spe­cial” meet­ing fol­low­ing noti­fi­ca­tion of pro­posed amendment(s).





Amendment 1

Officer’s Meeting Reports by position:

  • Treasurer:
    1. Statement of account to show current balance
    2. Current bank statement
    3. Deposits broken down by:
      1. New member dues
      2. Merchandise sales
  • Sponsorship donations
  1. Charitable donations
  1. All withdrawals made since last meeting
  • Secretary/Membership Coordinator
    1. New membership registrations
    2. Current membership count
    3. Membership renewal rate
  • Regional Coordinators (each)
    1. New members from each region
    2. MCCC Promotional activities by region

All reports are to be provided at each meeting. In the event an officer or regional coordinator is unable to attend an officer’s meeting, written reports must be provided via email to all officers prior to meeting so reports may be recorded.

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